We get tons of questions everyday from both prospective clients and current customers. So we decided to compile a helpful list of those frequently asked questions below.

Q: “I've been solicited by other linen services claiming they have better pricing, ``Why should I use Arway``?

A: Our competitors believe that cheaper pricing is the way to grow their company, at Arway, our philosophy is that there is no better value than establishing sound business relationships based on service, trust, and understanding. The old proverbial “you get what you pay for” holds true not only in the food industry, but in the linen industry as well.

Q: “How can my restaurant benefit from Arway's uniform program``?

A: Your employees will have a clean professional look, you won’t have to invest in purchasing uniforms that your employees have to self-launder, and the maintenance of the uniforms is the company’s responsibility.

Q: ``How many styles/colors of aprons do you offer``?

A: We carry bib aprons in white, green, red, black, royal blue, navy blue, and burgundy. Our bistro aprons are offered in black and white. We also have a wide selection of front of house waitstaff aprons for purchase, please refer to our on-line catalog for more details.

Q: ``Is it possible to get a delivery even though it is not my scheduled delivery day``?

A: Even with proper inventory levels, there will be times when a “special delivery” needs to be made, rest assured we’re a just a phone call way, we’ll have a delivery out to you the same day. A commitment our competitors cannot oblige!

Q: ``I was so busy, I forgot to phone in my catering order``, will I still have it delivered the following day?

A: Our automated answering system is monitored during the off hours of 4 PM till 6 AM daily, and till 12 PM on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday, all orders placed during off hours will be delivered the following business day.

Q: I am looking into paying my linen rental account by credit card, ``Does Arway accept this payment method``?

A: We accept all major credit cards, under the conditions of a pre-determined payment schedule.

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