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A privately owned company located in the Frankford section of Philadelphia, Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals has grown considerably, all the while still enabling us to serve our customers with the same quality today as when we began in 1979. We never want to grow out of our “service first” attitude. After all, customers are why we’re here, and we are gratified when we hear comments like “I never had better service,” or “I get it when I need it.”


Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals serves many of the finest establishments throughout the Delaware Valley.


If you are a restaurant, a retirement community, a country club, or a catering group, it would be our pleasure to serve you with high-quality linens, prompt deliveries, personal service, uniforms that fit, and competitive pricing.

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Arway Linen & Uniform Rental’s Ongoing Green Initiative Highlights

Our plant in Philadelphia converted its twin steam boilers from oil burning to cleaner and more efficient natural gas in 2011. We are in compliance with Philadelphia’s Clean Air Standards. Our engineering team performs routine scheduled maintenance to help insure the boiler’s efficiencies and to keep emissions as low as possible.
Using Less Energy
We utilize a heat reclaiming system to reclaim energy from our discharge water. This water is used to pre-heat our incoming cold water supply before it enters the hot water system for heating. This system saves countless BTUs by lowering the rise needed to achieve the levels of hot water we require to produce clean linen and uniforms.
Keeping the Neighborhood Clean
We have replaced all of our large 450lb. Natural Gas burning dryers all within the past three years to attain both a better drying capacity and to dry more efficiently with less energy needed. Dryers are integrated into a central lint collection system to keep our immediate location and neighborhood clean from lint coming from the large capacity dryers.
Water Conservation
Our current wash formulas have been structured to lower total water consumption on a wide range of wash classifications. Our food and beverage wash formulas are among the lowest in the industry in total water consumption. We have been able to accomplish this goal through cooperation with our chemical supplier yet still maintain the highest quality standards that existed prior to our greener program initiative.
Zero Hydrocarbon Emission
We wash no industrial type soils such as mechanic’s uniforms or wipers so we do not contribute any appreciable hydrocarbons within our waste water output.
Phosphate, Dye, and Perfume Free
We utilize a special detergent with “natural citrus based degreasers” and a green, fully biodegradable solvent. This special product allows us to achieve excellent laundering results with very good oily-based stain removal. All of our laundry detergent products are phosphate free, dye and perfume free and in compliance with all State and Local waste water regulations.
Reduction in Chlorine Emmissions
The implementation of oxygen-based bleaches has been incorporated wherever possible. When chlorine bleach is absolutely needed it is neutralized chemically in the final rinses before it leaves the washer thus reducing total chlorine levels that enter our waste water stream and out to the sewer.
Waste Minimization
As a re-usable textile service, we are inherently green by not contributing refuse to go to the landfills that is caused by single use paper products in restaurants. We also encourage our customers to return uniform hangers so they too may be reused.
Striving for Greatness
This green initiative program has been in effect for over 5 years and is a work in progress. Arway Linen and Uniform will continue to look towards new technologies and greener methods of producing our products as they become available.

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