The Need for Linen Maintenance in the Restaurant Industry

Many of the best restaurants use linen. You can’t run many restaurant business operations without it. It is a necessary accessory on tables and kitchens. The biggest issue with many linen accessories is the cleaning and sorting out. That’s a whole lot of mess to clean, sort, and organize. You can either have extra maintenance staff to handle the periodic … Read More

Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals – Don’t Make These Top 3 Uniform Errors

Employee uniforms serve several functions. You want to make a solid first impression on your team. However, you must always ensure that your employees work in a setting that is both comfortable and productive. Nothing is more annoying than working all day and not performing to your full potential—especially when it is the result of a poor uniform choice! As … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Use Table Skirts for an Event

When you’re planning an event, there can be so much to think about. And it could be very easy to forget a smaller detail such as the table design. Yes, you remembered getting tables and tablecloths, but somehow it all just looks dull, and you can’t have that. But before you panic, the solution is actually quite simple. Just use … Read More

3 Reasons You Should Rent Company Uniforms over Buying Them

Does your company have a dress code that requires staff to wear company uniforms? If so, most of the time, you might be thinking of buying sets of uniforms for your staff to wear. However, there’s an alternative route for this: renting. That’s right! You can rent company uniforms. However, the real question now stands: which one is better? Should … Read More