Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals – Don’t Make These Top 3 Uniform Errors

Employee uniforms serve several functions. You want to make a solid first impression on your team. However, you must always ensure that your employees work in a setting that is both comfortable and productive. Nothing is more annoying than working all day and not performing to your full potential—especially when it is the result of a poor uniform choice!

As a company, you must place a high value on staff uniforms. They are a visual representation of your company, and it adds a human touch to your business. At the same time, giving your employees the best staff uniforms may help boost their morale, keep them comfortable, and offer better service. 

Although, many businesses still fail to keep up with the standards. As a result, they commit costly mistakes! For this reason, it may be crucial to employ the services of a professional uniform company to guide you through the process. 

Here, we’ve listed down the top three uniform errors you must avoid:

#1: Failure to Inquire about Employees’ Preferred Uniforms

Your employees should be included in the discussion on uniforms. Because they are executing business logistics in their offices, many managers can dress casually. However, many employees serve as the company’s public face and are likely to be the first people your customers will notice and meet. 

Keep in mind that they work exceptionally long hours, especially in healthcare and other labor-intensive industries. In light of this, employees should be allowed to voice out how they dress. Consider paying attention to your employees’ complaints and preferences concerning work clothing or attire. 

It is never too late to make changes, especially if your employees’ attire interferes with their performance!

Mistake #2: Failing to Incorporate Company Branding

Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on advertising because they believe this is a cost-effective approach. Although, it may be challenging to earn revenue if purchasers don’t know you exist. So to attract your local customers, incorporate your company branding into your employee uniforms. 

Incorporating your company branding may include custom embroidery of your logo, as an example. This is a fantastic method to make your small business stand out. Note that a memorable logo on a beautifully designed uniform can spark the interest of a buyer.

#3: Giving Form Precedence over Function

While it’s vital to boost your brand’s visibility, the uniforms you choose should be appropriate for your industry. Employee scrubs with logos, for example, may not be appropriate in the healthcare industry. Professionalism, utility, and durability take precedence above style in a hospital or medical facility. 

Scrubs are appealing since they are available in a range of colors. So, consider whether your employees’ uniforms are comfortable in all weather circumstances, fit all heights and sizes, and are resistant to hazardous substances. Of course, don’t scrimp on quality linen supply!


In as simple as having the proper uniforms for your employees, you may eliminate future business problems. Now that you know these top three uniform errors, you’re one step closer to improving your services, keeping your staff happy, and staying ahead in the industry. 

So, don’t hesitate to employ professional service and be firm with the style, design, and comfort level you want to give to your staff!

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