Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals – 4 Tips for Renting the Right Linens for Your Event

There’s a lot of planning involved when organizing an event. Everything has to be perfect, from the ornate decorations down to the linen. Yes, you may not realize it, but the linens play an essential role in your event. Aside from properly covering your tables, the linens you choose can also help set the tone for your event. With quality linens, you can create a more elegant atmosphere. So, it is crucial to know how to select the right linens for your event. Here are some tips you can follow to get the best linens at a great deal.

  1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Although event organizers may tend to prioritize other items on their checklist, that doesn’t mean linens should be pushed back to the last minute. In fact, it’s best to check linens off your list as early as possible to give you enough time to look at your choices and negotiate the price. When you wait a few weeks before the event, you’ll end up with higher prices and fewer selections to choose from.

  1. Find Out What Services Are Included

When it comes to linen rentals, you have to find out what services are actually included. Perhaps you’ve assumed the rental place would cover the transportation and arranging of the linens but later on, you find out they don’t include that in their services. So now, you’re scrambling to get the linens to the event place while everyone is busy. To avoid misunderstandings such as this, it’s best to discuss with the rental place what services they also provide.

By having a proper discussion with the rental place upfront, you can also avoid the unpleasant surprise of hidden costs later on. It’s also best to go over the contract thoroughly to be aware of the terms and costs involved in the transaction.

  1. Check Out the Linens in Person

Pictures can be deceptive. The linens you may see on the company’s website may not actually look that way in person. After all, when you’re putting up things for display, you’re only showing the best parts. 

By checking out the linens in person, you get a better idea of their actual condition. Factors such as color and texture are things that don’t always come through in pictures. So, seeing the linens in person can help you pick out the best linens for your event. You can also use this time to look for noticeable imperfections, such as holes, stains, and tears. It also allows you to really see if the quality of the linens is worth the price. 

  1. Have Them Delivered a Day or Two Early

When you’re planning an event, things can go wrong. To prevent any last-minute disasters involving your linens, it’s best to have them delivered a day or two early instead of the night before. This will give you enough time to check for damages and see if you have enough linen for your venue. If a problem does occur, at least you still have some time to contact the linen rental service and make the necessary arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Linens should not just be an afterthought for your event. They play a more critical part than you think. So, it’s essential to choose the right linens for your event to really showcase a complete look. With these tips, you can hopefully bag a good deal and impress your guests.

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