Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals-4 Different Types of Everyday Kitchen Towels and Their Uses

Running a kitchen can be a lot of work. It’s not as simple as cooking some food and serving it up. There’s a lot more that goes on and is needed in the kitchen.

First, your staff must be fast, skilled, and well trained in how a kitchen operates. If they’re new, they must be able to adapt to the system in your establishment. Second, the ingredients and food must always be fresh. Next, the tools and equipment must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. That is essential to maintaining the function and quality of your kitchen.

An essential item in keeping everything clean and tidy, including yourself, the cooks, and so on, is the kitchen towel. You probably already know that there are different types, just based on the look and texture alone. But do you know what each one is best used for?

Here are the four types of everyday kitchen towels and the best way to use them.

Terry Towels

The terry towel is the most common type that most people probably already know about and use. You can find these anywhere, in kitchens, houses, retail stores—everywhere. These towels are super soft and highly absorbent, which is why it’s best for cleaning up after spills.

It’s great for drying plates and other kitchen equipment too. However, the one downside is that the terry towel is so fluffy and dense that it may leave behind dirt, lint, or fibers. You should also be careful to have something to catch whatever drips out when you use to sop up messes.

The more liquid it absorbs, the heavier it gets—and the higher the tendency of it dripping. So make sure to watch out for that.

Dual-Sided Towels

Dual-sided towels can give you the best of both worlds. It’s efficient for drying dishes, pots, and pans.

On one side is terry material, while the other side is flat. This makes it ideal for wiping away the liquid or wetness from a dish. You can use the flat side to eliminate any lint or leftover residue from the terry side.

You can also use them as drying mats for wet dishes if the kitchen is too busy to scrub and dry.

Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are the best alternative for paper towels. While paper towels are convenient, it’s not without its disadvantages. For one, it contributes even more to the waste the kitchen produces.

These towels are thin and lint-free. You can use them to store food, just like paper towels. Only this one won’t break as easily. You can have a few handy just to ensure there’s enough for everyone to use. But if that’s not the case, you don’t have to worry. It dries quickly anyway.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are the best type of kitchen towel you can use for cleaning. Unlike terry towels, microfiber towels are thinner. While it may not be as absorbent, it can pick up dirt, grime, and small crumbs from different surfaces when wet. It’s also great to use with any spray cleaner.

You can be sure that any surface to use a microfiber towel on will be cleaner than before you touched it. It’s excellent for both wet and dry cleaning. You can even polish some surfaces with it, like granite. Just make sure not to use fabric softener when you wash it. This can leave streak marks all over some surfaces.

The Bottom Line

One of the things that might be overlooked but are essential in running a kitchen is kitchen towels. In the hustle and bustle of things, it’s easy to start using whatever’s available for whatever purpose. But each kitchen towel has a different texture and use.

Knowing the differences and keeping them separate for their specific use can help improve efficiency in the kitchen. If everyone does their part and has the right tools, your kitchen will always be fired up and ready to serve the best food.

If you are looking for linen rentals for your food business, we can help you. Arway Linen & Uniform Rentals rents out to restaurants, retirement communities, universities, catering services, and country clubs. You can be sure that we provide the best quality products and maintenance services to help your business shine! You can find us in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the South Jersey area.

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