Arway Linen and Uniform Rentals – Why You Should Not Require Employees to Buy Their Uniform

Why You Should Not Require Employees to Buy Their Uniform

You should not require your employees to pay for their uniforms to work. Before we delve deeper into that, let’s assess what the law says. 

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employee uniforms are subjected to several rules. These rules state that:

  • Employers are allowed to implement the use of uniforms to their employees
  • Employers are recommended to subsidize the cost of the uniforms, except for federally-acquired safety apparel and equipment, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), flame-resistant garments, gloves, and helmets, that employers are legally obligated to pay for
  • Employers can deduct the cost of the uniforms from employee salaries and are guaranteed at least a minimum wage amount following the deduction of the uniform’s cost
  • Employers ensure that uniform cost deductions are not reduced from the employees’ overtime compensation

Why the Company Should Take Care of the Uniforms

While it is legally permissible for you to make your employees pay for their uniforms, you should not require them to do that for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. The Consistency in Quality

You should not make your employees buy thor uniforms due to the consistency in the quality of the fabric. If you do, you are risking the sense of uniformity, and your employees may opt for poor-quality uniforms, hurting your business image.

  1. The Pricing

When you require employees to pay for their uniform cost, you can miss out on potential savings from purchasing or making the uniforms in bulk. Moreover, purchasing also often requires a large upfront cost, so the stability of the supply can be put at risk.

  1. The Brand Image

When you allow your employees to buy their uniforms from anywhere on their own, you risk failing to put them in uniform attire and only in coordinated outfits. There will be differences in what they buy, which can only hurt your brand’s image.

If your chosen uniforms are available in stores, where your employees can simply pick them off the rack, you might want to reconsider. It’s best to have a uniform that reflects your brand and not some random outfit on shelves.

Why You Should Rent Uniforms Instead

If you shoulder the entire cost of your employees’ uniforms, it can be a financial burden. However, requiring your employees to buy their uniforms on their own isn’t the best idea either. So, your best option is to rent instead.

  1. Renting Uniforms Is Cheaper

Renting saves you or your employees the expense of upfront payment for the uniform costs. A rental is cheaper, and the expense is more bearable compared to purchasing, regardless of whether you or your employees are renting the uniforms.

  1. Renting Uniforms Include Maintenance

Rentals not only save your company and your employees from expenses but let them save additional time and money that would otherwise be spent on maintenance. Your employees no longer have to worry about maintaining their uniforms with uniform rentals since that’s already covered.


When you take the lead on implementing uniforms in your company, you can avoid mishaps like low-quality fabric, a lack of brand identity, and uncoordinated outfits. Still, rentals can be an even better option since they’re cheaper and cover the maintenance for the uniforms.

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