Arway Linen and Uniform Rentals – Factors to Consider When Picking a Restaurant Linen to Use

Factors to Consider When Picking a Restaurant Linen to Use

As soon as customers come into the restaurant, you want to give them the best experience possible. This means having to think about every single detail that they’ll come into contact with. Customer service and amazing food are a given, but there’s more that can shape their opinion of the place.

When guests sit down, they feel the cover on the seat. There’s the table cloth, the runner, the napkins, and more. Although it may seem like such a trivial thing to contemplate, you could be surprised at how much a customer can recall an experience based on the feel and comfort of the fabric they held.

Choose wisely when settling on what fabric you want your interior to have. Even the cult classic of restaurant linen can come in various shapes, sizes, and qualities. Aside from the kinds of restaurant linen, do keep in mind the different factors that you should take into consideration as well.

Here are some points that should affect the restaurant linen you end up choosing:


From navy blues, mustard yellows, and burgundy reds, there are so many colors to choose from. What you end up picking will probably dictate the ambiance of the restaurant as well, so be sure to take care of what kind of customer experience you hope to create.

If you’re in a formal setting, it may be best to go with the usual white, nude, brown, and black. Muted colors would also be quite classy for your location. However, if you want the restaurant to feel a little more festive and uplifting, get some brighter colors like a striking purple or orange.


Just about equal in importance, how you’re using the restaurant linen will vary on what you will rent out. As mentioned, the fabric is used for a variety of materials. Table linens are much different that napkin linens, both in terms of shape, size, hue and more. Try to plan this ahead of time so that you have a better understanding of the restaurant linen needed.


The design of the linen can vary. Although something plain and colored may be safer, you may want to step out of your comfort zone and explore different patterns embroidered on the linen. They might revitalize your restaurant more than you’d know. For example, a simple checkered linen table runner might just help turn your restaurant’s direction into a high-end diner.


Understandably, not every material in your restaurant is going to be linen. Variation in the textures and appearances of the fabrics can be very beautiful, but you want everything to be as cohesive as possible too. After all, you wouldn’t want your linen tablecloths to clash with the look of the carpet or the walls.


Lastly, maintenance is a factor that you should never forget. Restaurant linens can be gorgeous on your tables and under your silverware, but it does need to be cleaned properly. You can consider renting out the fabrics instead in order to keep things hygienic, and you’d be stress-free and cost-efficient. This does depend on the terms of the rentals, though.


Minute details like the restaurant linen and how it blends well with the rest of the interior can make a difference in the long run. Whether it’s just a regular customer or one of the biggest resto critics on the block, ensure that you’re delivering a worthwhile experience.

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