4 Reasons You Should Use Table Skirts for an Event

When you’re planning an event, there can be so much to think about. And it could be very easy to forget a smaller detail such as the table design. Yes, you remembered getting tables and tablecloths, but somehow it all just looks dull, and you can’t have that. But before you panic, the solution is actually quite simple. Just use a table skirt to design your tables.

While some may think that table skirts are unnecessary, you’ll be surprised by the difference they can make for your tables. In fact, here are some benefits that table skirting can provide.

Hides the Table Legs

The primary purpose of a table skirt is to hide the table legs. Table legs can often ruin the aesthetics of an event, especially if the tables are not exactly visually appealing. With a lovely table skirt, you can hide away these imperfections and give the illusion of elegance. 

Additionally, table legs aren’t the only things you can conceal with a table skirt. You can also hide things under the table. Perhaps you have some bags or equipment that you don’t want people tripping over. By putting them out of sight, things can look cleaner and more organized.

Elevate the Table’s Look

Table skirting offers a simple way to elevate the table’s looks. You can go with simple pleats or maybe try more complicated designs. Plus, they pair well with the table linens. Instead of just throwing a tablecloth over the table, you can add a lovely ruffle skirt for extra flair. From a boring table that’s just there, you can transform your table into a decorative piece with ease.

Complement the Event Design

You can reinforce your event’s theme with the use of a table skirt. And this isn’t just limited to matching the skirt with the event colors. You can even take it up a notch. For example, if you’re organizing a sweet 16, a tulle table skirt can give your tables a delicate feminine touch. If you have an island-themed event, you can use a raffia table skirt for that tropical vibe.

Table skirting doesn’t have to be boring. You can customize the design of your table skirts to fit with the event theme.


Table skirting is a budget-friendly way to decorate your party tables. You can do away with expensive tablecloths and go with the cheaper option. And the difference won’t be noticeable since the table skirt will give it the classiness it needs. 

You also don’t need to buy more cloth, especially if you’re only using them for that one time. Instead, you can get table linen rentals and fancy it up with some classic table skirting.

In Summary

There are many ways your event can benefit from table skirting. For one, table skirts are a great way to conceal table legs, and they also allow you to hide things under the table for a cleaner look. They can also elevate the table’s look and complement the event design. And lastly, table skirting is a budget-friendly way to make your tables visually appealing.

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